Coined by the media as the "Steve Jobs of Weed" KC Stark has worked across the nation with entrepreneurs, advocates, politicians, doctors, patients, and farmers to create reliable cannabis markets since 2005.  

Since 2010, KC Stark has owned and operated medical and adult use cannabis operations in multiple states and received national recognition for cannabis patients, doctors, business men and women.

On Valentine's Day 2013, KC Stark opened America's first licensed brick and mortar cannabis club, the historical  After 2 years of working with local officials, county, city, and state - The Original Cannabis Club went on to win a historical licensing approval.


KC Stark sold his interest in Aromas & Herbs, Studio A64, Go Green Cross, to work one on one with owners, entrepreneurs, patients, doctors, elected officials, and advocates to build the canna businesses of tomorrow - today.

As seen on TV: Fox News, MSNBC, Huffington Post, Westword, The Independent and Fortune Magazine.


Advocates and entrepreneurs start planning and expanding your cannabis business today. Experienced. Trusted. Proven. Let's start your business plan today. 


Your competition won't wait. You shouldn't either.


A few of our client case studies

about kc stark omni case study.png

OMNI 420

Omni approached MMJIQ about a very difficult issue. Competing as a medical evaluation center in Michigan.


OMNI 420 reaped the benefits of our services and managed to achieve results capturing new clients with an optimized on-site and off-site SEO program.

OMNI 420 can now focus on their patients and let the planned SEO and SEM do their lead capture.

about kc stark strawberry fields case study.png


Strawberryfields was one of the first medical marijuana centers during the 2010 Eric Holder Green Rush.


They came across a hard goal.  Be the BEST award-winning center in the State of  Colorado. Not an easy tasks. 


A  great team, hard work and taking advantage of SEO, SEM and PR...


Strawberry fields has gone on to win "Best Of" 8 years in a row!

about kc stark lofty bud case study.png


When Lofty Bud came to us, they had no logo and no website.


But they had a great idea.

A cannabis friendly Bed and Breakfast!

After crafting new logo, website, SEO, SEM and PR, Lofty Bud has not only won local press but is often booked out in advance. 


Stay lofty at Lofty Bud!

about kc stark herb shoppe case study.png


Herb Shoppe approached MMJIQ about competing as a medical canna center in Colorado.  A challenging market.


There are more canna shops in Colorado than Starbucks.


After bench-marking and working with logo, websiteSEO, SEM, events and PR, Herb Shopped has captured market share and remains a leading canna business today in a historic 1850's neighborhood.

Working with the local officials, the Herb Shoppe organized and lead a Canna for the Cure march.  


"Know yourself and your neighbor." Sun Tzu (kinda.)

Plan your business.

about kc stark club mofu case study.png


Club MoFu faced a challenge. A very fun idea and being a start-up business entering a very competitive and maturing market niche.

Working with the CEO, we developed a new business model and brand launch.

Club MoFu is now expanding across the nation and expects to have reps in all 50 states within a year. 


Club MoFu has seen a portfolio increase average of 74%. One investment is up over 200%. 

My tip? Join 'The Club'.

"An investment in knowledge pays the best interest." - Benjamin Franklin

Start your business.

about kc stark original hemp cafe case study.png


The Original Hemp Cafe - It's always fun being first in business.  But it's also hard.

Breaking into the cafe and hemp markets is no easy task. 

After finding a historic location, we went to work on the brand launch developing new logo, tag lines, content, website and PR.

Hemp Cafe had a succesful launch, garnished local press, supported a local charity and is serving healthy hemp coffee and snacks in the heart of a bustling downtown community.

My tip? Try the CBD espresso drinks.

You get one chance to have a grand opening. Open grandly

Benchmark your business.

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Experienced, Trusted, Proven.


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